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Collection: THE NEWLAB skin care

The NewLab is born with a new approach to research laboratories, with a team of 12 experts in the fields of pharmacy, biology, genetic engineering, chemistry, and biochemistry, who have been working for years in the field of skincare products. Scientifically proven active ingredients are used in all products, and each product is formulated to deliver 100% results. The NewLab aims to rescue skin problems from being your destiny by focusing on high-performance formulas instead of ingredients and flashy packaging used to reduce costs in products. Its pricing strategy, aiming to reach a wide audience, is a modest, honest, and creative skincare collection brand that communicates with result-oriented, simple language and effective clinical technologies.


We work for an understanding that values human and animal health with our high-quality, nature- and environmentally conscious, solution- and result-oriented product options in the fields of science and technology.


Being a market leader with responsibility principles that inspire trust in consumers, innovation, and employee satisfaction.

Our Values

The NewLab aims to continue its service with a strategic approach that prioritizes product variety and customer satisfaction, as well as being vegan and cruelty-free, and not conducting tests on animals. The NewLab aims to maintain its image in customer, employee, and competitor relations by showing that it is there for the customer through pricing and after-sales support, and aims to be a leader in the industry. Having production facilities and laboratories is a fundamental principle to create brand loyalty and responsibility with environmentally friendly service and marketing strategies in delivering products to consumers together."


consists of the purest and finest Indian and Swiss oils that are extracted in the best ways to ensure obtaining the highest possible quality, which provides you with a solution to all hair problems by stopping hair loss and filling in the blanks. It also helps in getting thick, healthy and shiny hair free of all hair problems and free of dandruff.
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